Francisca Eluchans

My work emerges from the idea of working space and handling and perception that one has of it. From the beginning, my research has been based on the evolution from the bidimensional condition of the photography to tridimensional condition of space and volumetric elements.

Through a space simulation I try to make the transfer of photo to a volume space in order to stress the relation between both dimensions. Building strategy that I do is based on collage, at the junction of fragments, which in this case are photographs taken by me, that when superposed generate a spatial sense of volume. This is why I call them fictional spaces, because it works as a trap to the eye. (Trompe-l’oeil)

Furthermore, landscape has been very decisive in my work and in the ability to define a scene through photography. Different interpretations and looks to each vision of landscapes initiate the process from photography to the construction of volumetric models.

For the construction of each work, there is a need to visit different places and appropriate them. I am interested in the way we inhabit a place, to understand it, to know it and to be able to represent it. I travel around different landscapes and photograph their corners, buildings, people, etc.. The site experience is essential to the photographic result.

What interests me is the unprecedented construction, where the notion of space is questioned and is problematized by creating unreal places that acquire a new spatial and architectural logic. I work with different vanishing points, proportions and perspectives. I build an optical illusion through the alteration of the scales, an illusion of three-dimensional through flat or joined images.