Magdalena Correa

Santiago, Chile 1968

I am interested in exploring those territories undergoing a situation of isolation, precariousness and oblivion. Places with a form of unstable human life, which also have put up with the harsh conditions imposed by the power of nature.

I like pausing and looking at geographical and human isolation and unknown spaces that coexist with our everyday life, but that are beyond our everyday worries since our lives are based on comfort, and so we do not need to be concerned with them as, in many cases, due to their inaccessibility, they simply do not appear on maps.

Experiences with local people, the fieldwork, and the images are all captured using the means with which I work: The photography and video. These supports provide me with “raw material” that I reconfigure afterwards, reinterpret from my own perspective. The results are then presented in an exhibition and Catalog aimed at raising awareness in the viewer and leading to a reflection on the kind of human life that takes place in these difficult and inaccessible places.

In short: my objective is to highlight their existence. Before the journey I study the “places” where I want to carry out the “fieldwork” that I will process afterwards. This coexistence of human and geographical landscape last one month and my basic needs of food, accommodation and transport are met by local people. Coexisting with the people and landscape, sharing the same conditions, enables me to become one of them, and not to remain a tourist ir a viewer, which is essential for obtaining a committed result.