María Ignacia Edwards

The work of María Edwards (Santiago, Chile, 1982) has its origin in her will of assuming herself as an active observer of the world, from her own exercises of discarding and selection…from the crossing of relationships and encounters, her long bicycle rides and her deep interest in the stars, the scientific and philosophical thought. From all these references arises the idea of “grid”, like a vast weft of spatially interconnected points, as in a constellation. The sky map traced in the earth´s surface by means of its paths.

Her journeys, blackboards, notebooks and mobile constructions, as in a philosophy of the world, a mental and physical map of experiences, as well of the status and position that the artist occupies in the world and the universe.

Her work is characterized by its coherence and consistency, which begins with the recognition of that which has been discarded and unnoticed, and ultimately with the ethics and dignity in which each of these recovered fragments of the world are brought back again to its presence, transfigured and reinterpreted by the artist´s will.

After getting her Arts bachelor degree in Universidad Finis Terrae (Santiago, Chile, 2006), and her Diploma in Cinema, Art Direction and Photography in Universidad de Chile, María Edwards travels and settles in New York (2009-2012) in order to enhance her knowledge on Engraving and Artist book discipline, doing artistic residencies in School of Visual Arts and in Lower East Side Printshop. On 2012, she was granted an invitation from the Arts Cultural Center in Mexico, Reinosa/Tamaulipas, to perform an individual exhibition, “In Between”, in the context of Tamaulipas International Arts Festival.

Her work has been exhibited in Chile and abroad, in countries like Spain, United States, Argentina, Peru and México. She has also taken part in international art fairs; Pinta Art Fair – New York, ArteBA – Buenos Aires, Art Lima-Peru, ChaCo – Chile. She has been awarded with the honor prize “Art for Science”, granted by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) in Santiago, Chile.

Recently she has the first recipient of a residency awarded by the European Digital Art and Science Network initiated by Ars Electronica. María Edwards will spend the first part of her residency at the European Southern Observatory in the Atacama Desert in her homeland before moving on to the Ars Electronica Futurelab. The results of her artistic adventures will be presented at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz September 3-7, 2015.