Paula De Solminihac

Santiago, Chile 1974

Paula Solminihac’s work explores the mechanisms of the representation looking for means to detain for an instant the course of the facts and the things; to isolate the image, the unique way of fixing a moment of that one to develop knocked down. She works procedures that they paralyze or, at least, they defer the term: the boiling for the fire (of the food, of the ceramics), the file, the photography. She develops meticulous, obsessively, strategies of inscription and matriculation ready to assure the information of the memory and the order of the things. But, in situation of doing she, discovers in the rest the only possibility of opening the file for the imminence of still- not, at random, for the wait, of to happen. This text traces this operation across some here works. (Ticio Escobar)

Paula de Solminihac’s work explores how the senses are made to drift through the combination of diverse referential frames and material. This process dislocates the formal language of scientific representation (seen in maps, typologies, and algorithms), as the subjective experience of the spectator takes precedent over the objectivization of knowledge. Working under the auspice of the archive as both a physical and intellectual device, able to create unparalleled associations, she maps out a series of meanings that evoke the figure of the archipelago as a metaphor for the implosion of a cultural order with no fixed center.

Agenda 2015

  1. Residence in Santa Marta, Colombia / February

This project emerges as a productive instance, from the idea of artistic work as document/evidence of a process. Here, fieldwork is essential for the artist’s investigation on the ceramic field and for her trip to the place of the first Latin-American ceramics. This residence considers visits to the Colombian coast and mountain range in search for the Zenú community, living the vegetation and freeing herself from daily life to re-think, from experience, the ways of making art today.



  1. SP-arte, Brasil / April

Participation with Isabel Aninat Gallery at the international art fair SP-arte, in Sao Paulo, Brasil, April 2015 from 9 to 12. Vertical is Paula de Solminihac’s project, where the return to practice and empirical knowledge are rescued, and works are notes and vestiges of daily life that the artist, as archeologist of her own work, are unearthed and organized to tell a story. The three works presented are talking to each other and making a complex system of crossed cartographies about maps of circular paths and unnamed elements of the natural world.




  1. Solo show in Gallerie Dix9, Francia / October

The show that the artist will present in Dix9 gallery will be based on the experience and experimentation gathered during the residence of February in Santa Marta, Colombia. The completed production originated from the contact with the Zenú culture will be presented with materials previously used in her work, such as ceramic books and objects, papyrus and drawings, creating mental maps of living as a way of capturing the flow of memories, emotions and feelings emerged when the routines of daily life and work are left aside.

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  1. Ceramix show at Bonnefanten Museum, Holanda / October 2015 – February 2016

Ceramix is a large exhibition on the use of ceramic by XXth and XXIst century artists. The show will open at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, Holand, from October 2015 to February 2016, and then will go to Paris, simultaneously at La maison rouge and Cité de la céramique de Sèvres, from February to May 2016. The curators are Camille Morineau, from the Centre Pompidou, and Lucia Pesapane. The exhibition will bring together some 100 artists. There will be some historical artists such as Rodin, Gauguin, Carriès, Picasso, Miró, Lucio Fontana, Thomas Schütte, Ai Wei Wei to young artists like Sterling Ruby, Klara Kristalova, Cameron Jamie and Paula de Solminihac.

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