VOLTA NY (2017)

Stand F03

01 Mar - 05 Mar 17

Galería Isabel Aninat, en conjunto con Y Gallery, presentan un solo show de la artista Manuela Viera-Gallo en la 13a versión de la feria Volta NY:


wooden pigeons on geometric branches,
Oak wood 19.7 x 9.8 x 5.5 inches each.
Variable Dimensions.

Installation of more than 15 wooden pigeons depicting heads from surveillance and paparazzi cameras to safe deposit boxes and grenades lurking from a network of geometric branches forming the dollar sign to the justice scale, in a playful yet sinister allegory, infused with facial expressions and masks like tribal idols, that evoke nature as a metaphor of cultural propositions and political statements.

As a “pigeon fiction ”, this installation uses several characters representing different actors involved in intelligence operations in an international crisis, all seeming erratic and paralyzed in the midst of chaos and despair, like headless birds defending a doomed nest.

Staged as a modern-day fable of miscellaneous avian figures in a tense power struggle and conspiracy, the characters are really trapped in what seems a collusive and murky survival alliance of precarious balance, with diverse and simultaneous discourses concerting dealings and secret negotiations that shall perpetuate each power, ideology or species.

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